Your Guide To Men's Thong Bikinis

It's time to take the plunge and join the real world of men's fashion swimwear.

The Men's Thong Bikinis site has been designed to help you find the perfect swimsuit for your summer fun. We are here to make sure you look great when hitting the beach or having fun all day and night at the hottest pool parties. There are so many ways you can go with fashion swimwear, Thong, bikinis, G-string, pouch only suit, bulge enhancement styles, short shorts, male to female transformation, male form, really to many types to list here. That said there are now so many styles of hot swimwear designs for men it will blow you away. Long gone are the days where your choice was baggy dork shorts or Speedos. Men throughout the world with a special emphases on Europe have been wearing sexy designs with a much more extreme edge for years. The great news is that the market for cutting edge more extreme men's swimwear designs is on fire here in the states. We will even go out on a limb and say that bikinis including Brazilian style bikini swimwear designs for men are now considered mainstream at most beaches. Go to any pool party in Vegas or Palm Springs and you will see tons of men wearing bikinis. The next step and are the men's thong bikinis. Once these designs were considered only for the girls but that line of reasoning has since been replaced by the live and let live concept. If it is fun, looks good and feels good why not. There are few designs that feel as sexy and hot on a body as men's thong bikinis, full thongs, G-strings and other extreme designs. These swimsuits feel like they have been painted on. Ready for some real attention? Your next choice just might be one of the hot men's thong bikinis we are about to show you!

Why Aren’t You Wearing Men’s Thong Bikinis?

Having never worn men’s thong bikinis before means that you have no idea how much fun you have missed in your life. Sure, you might laugh at those guys that you have seen on the beach wearing them in public, but what about all those late night parties you didn’t get to see those same guys at? Would you still be laughing when you found out that those same guys were walking around parties like celebrities because they were bold enough to wear something that you feel amusing? The next time you see one of these guys strutting their stuff in men’s thong bikinis just go up and ask them how many parties they go to on the weekends. You will be shocked to find out that they are hitting way more parties than you are that is for sure. In fact they have probably been to more parties in the last month than you have been invited to in the last couple of years so you might want to stop laughing at them and start joining them.

Men's Thongs and Bikinis Have Never Gotten Me Invited to a Party

There are some great things about wearing men's thongs and bikinis out in public that you can read about online. Some of these things I really enjoy and some of them I haven’t even experienced yet although I do look forward to the days when I can finally say that I did indeed have that kind of experience. The thing you have to understand is that most of these things that people are writing about are all personal and not everyone is going to have the same experiences as they have. This is true with just about everything in life and not just wearing sexy swimwear on the beach.

Now I have found that there are a lot of similarities with people that are wearing the same men's thongs and bikinis. Things like the type of attention they are getting are pretty much the same across the board when people see them for the first time. But when it comes to things like getting invited to parties and whatnot that all seems to depend on the type of person they are rather than what style of swimwear they happen to have on. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing in public, if you are an asshole there is a good chance that you aren’t going to get invited to anything after all.

I haven’t actually been invited to too many parties just because I was wearing men's thongs and bikinis on the beach although there have been a few times when wearing something like that did get me noticed enough to have people start talking to me. Later on those same people ended up inviting me to private pool parties where I could wear some of my sexier options. But I seriously doubt that wearing my swimwear to the beach was the only reason that they actually asked me to hang out with them for any amount of time. It is cool to think that something like that could happen though and I really do hope there are guys out there with things like this happening in their lives.

Men's bodies were designed to wear thong bikinis. The ultimate swimwear.